All of our spray treatments contain a tacking agent to keep the product on the foliage longer and to withstand rainfall. There are six different treatments that can be applied each season. Treatments are applied in four to six week intervals, with the exception of applications 1 & 2 which can be applied on the same day or within days of each other, if needed. The general program consists of fertilizer, insect and disease control.

Dormant Oil Insect Control

  • When? Before buds break
  • What it does: Controls insects in their dormant stage
  • What can be sprayed: Most trees and shrubs, except Silver Maple, Spruce and Fir
  • How is it applied? As a spray treatment, covering the trunk up to the first set of limbs. Shrubs are covered in their entirety

Insect and Disease Control


  • When? April and May
  • What it does: Controls insects, fungi and disease
  • What can be sprayed: Most trees and shrubs
  • How is it applied? With a hand sprayer or high-volume spray system on the specific trees or shrubs that are susceptible to insects and disease

Summer Insect, Disease and Mite Control

  • When? June, July and August. Follow up spray application to third treatment. Provides continued control of insects and diseases, with added mite control

Late Summer Insect, Disease and Mite Control

  • When? September and October. Same as spring and summer applications

Gypsy Moth Spraying

  • When? May and June
  • Gypsy moth problems need to be addressed early.

These small medicine caps are also used for fertilization, and insect & disease control. This type of treatment is a direct injection into the tree trunk, which acts quicker. This method of treatment is preferred as an environmentally friendly option to spraying pesticides into the air. If the applications are for trees only (not shrubs), and/or if the tree has a critical problem that needs aggressive treatment. It is also one of two main treatment options for gypsy moth and Emerald Ash Bore control.

We also can add Merit to our spring or fall deep root fertilizer mix or separately. Merit injected (also referred to as soil drench) into the root zone of trees and shrubs is a systemic pesticide which is a popular treatment in preventing many pest problems, including Emerald Ash Bore.

Mauget also offers a product that works well in preventing Apple Scab. This product must be injected in early spring before bud break. This is a one time application as an alternative to spraying multiple times throughout the season.